About Us

About Us

ComDignitatis ─ Associação Portuguesa para a Promoção da Dignidade Humana ─ is a Social Welfare Institution (IPSS),

founded on July 13th of 2012.

ComDignitatis has been working with and supporting about 650 different families, since it first began its journey, and now operates in 12 different municipalities. In this Institution, we work with the dedication that guarantees to every family,  a personalized response, allowing a harmonious development of interpersonal relationships and the promotion of human dignity.

We develop a continuous work in social areas, as well as in health, education, psychology and training, cultural, leisure and the promotion of life quality, led by the utmost respect for every person. We seek to support every family and each and every one of its members - from the child to the elder.

Our story

With 6 years of existence, ComDignitatis today relies on a dedicated and committed team, that demonstrates, every day, its main focus to be the well-being of every family we support. But how did we get here

We were born with as the Programa +Família, where today we can find:

Through a singular and individual project directed to any family and every one of its members, we answer to our first mission: "Meet and respond to those who need us".

And so, every day, with a multidisciplinary team, available to meet families, whether at home, school, or workplace, we promote the development of parental competences.

A mission such as ours, which praises values such as equality, respect, social inclusion, justice and solidarity, would only make sense if it involved the active participation of children and youngsters. Bearing this in mind, we developed two more programs: 

All the milestones conquered, and the path taken to get to where we are today, was only possible also due to the fact we were never alone, and with all the support given by various groups of people and entities.

“Human rights must work to uplift human dignity.”

-Rodrigo Duterte